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Strategic Development Technologies uses a unique approach to build fundraising capacity by bolting on seamlessly with each nonprofit’s development and executive team to provide horsepower at every stage. This approach ensures that we join the customer in planning, designing, and executing donor engagements that institutionally shifts the organization for the long run.

Each client engagement includes the following three services to ensure your nonprofit's success. 

IT Infrastructure Design // 01

Strategic Development Technologies specializes in assessing, advising, and training nonprofits on how to leverage the best fundraising technology infrastructure to meet their specific needs and mission. Our team continually researches and tests the newest technologies available on the market which include: database software, communication platforms, broadcasting tools, and emerging tech opportunities that are new to the public.

We review our customer's fundraising tools and technologies and make recommendations for supplementing and/or replacing existing solutions to support new donor growth.

Image of conceptual data map
San Francisco City image with blue filter.

Engagement Strategy & Production // 02

Strategic Development Technologies is at the forefront of producing virtual and tandem (hybrid) engagement opportunities to connect donors with your organization. Every engagement event is specifically designed to collect as much data as the latest technology makes possible. The objective is for your engagement events to raise more funding and support mission critical initiatives to expand major gift prospecting, planned giving opportunities, and all fundraising appeal growth.

We advise, provide tactical assistance, and broadcast online fundraising and program events on your behalf. Our tandem (hybrid) option utilizes the newest technology solutions available including advanced live streaming solutions.

Tim Orr and Cynthia Noonan present at a virtual event.

Donor Retention // 03

Strategic Development Technologies service philosophy underscores the importance on leveraging post-event donor data to support growth. We help your organization maximize the value of donor data as the supporting base expands from each new fundraising and program event. 


Services include follow up campaigns, wealth screening guidance, and strategic outreach planning for high capacity donors. 


Strategic Development Technologies can provide nonprofit fundraising and individual program event broadcasting for select customers. All aspects of the production are customized to meet the needs and mission of the organization.

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